Demonic Cat and Sicilian Sex Ghost lectures in New York

A couple upcoming talks in New York. Demonically possessed cat talk on August 7 at the Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424 A 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, 11215, doors at 7.30 and lecture at 8pm.
Does your cat do things like:

–spit fire?
–speak in tongues?
–shape shift?
–wantonly kill people for no apparent reason?

This behavior may be more than simple bad kitty syndrome—your cat may be possessed by a demon. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, there is an entire history of demonically-possessed cats. Felines were once considered by theologians to be easy prey for demons, who could enter their bodies and wreck incredible havoc on mankind. And did you know . . . demonically-possessed cats are still believed to be with us today! Dr. Paul Koudounaris, author of the cult macabre tomes Empire of Death and Heavenly Bodies has immersed himself in the study of demonic cats, and will return to the Morbid Anatomy Museum to give a talk on this sadly neglected topic.

Sure to please: cat lovers will like this lecture, and cat haters will like it even more. And neither side will ever look at a domestic cat the same way again.
For more information and previous interviews on demonic cats, see:

Also! The always (yes, never just sometimes, but always) amazing Sicilian Sex Ghost lecture on August 9, 7pm, at Catland Books in Brooklyn! 987 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn.

ma cat

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Flier for talk in Amsterdam

Finally have a flier for the talk in Amsterdam. ams
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Flier for talk in Helsinki

The information for a talk I am doing at Central Library 10, Helsinki.h
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Further photo shows, talks, George Noory–London, Manchester, Sweden, Helsinki, Amsterdam

OK, it has become quite clear that I cannot be trusted to update my own website in any substantive way. Heavenly Bodies came out last fall and received a tremendous amount of truly amazing press, a fantastic response–and none of this have I managed to load onto this website. The book also made a couple top ten lists–didn’t get anything about those on the website either. Someday, someday, someday it will all get done. But in the meantime, I will be doing photo shows and talks in the UK, Sweden, Finland, and Holland. I will be doing a talk on Sicilian Sex Ghosts (I have an article in the current Fortean Times about that topic, I guess I didn’t get that on the website yet either) on March 24 at Black’s in London, flier below. Will also be doing talks and a photo show in Manchester later that week at Encountering Corpses at MMU, see and then I will be back in London on April 12 to do a talk at Death Salon UK . In between, I will be doing a talk at the Tot Zover Museum in Amsterdam (March 30, will put up a flier soon), a few in Sweden, including the wonderful event below (see flier–which will include music and artists exhibiting things made of bone), and a talk in Helsinki on April 6 (flier will be put up soon). Also, I did some TV work with George Noory, there are a couple links for clips at the bottom of this post. George Noory is an amazing guy.


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Talk at Traveler’s Bookcase in West LA, March 13

In a talk that should be something like “Around the World in 80 Days in Bones,” macabre art history expert and photographer Dr. Paul Koudounaris will give a visual presentation on the world’s most eerie travel destinations, all of which he photographed for his books The Empire of Death and Heavenly Bodies. Bone-filled rooms, painted skulls, leering mummies in seventeenth-century ball gowns, and jewel-encrusted skeletons will all be on the itinerary, allowing a whirlwind tour of these sometimes terrifying and always fascinating masterpieces, without the rank odor of a tomb.

The talk is free, at the Traveler’s Bookcase, 8375 W. 3rd St., LA, Thursday, March 13, 7 pm.
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November Book Talks in Berkeley and New Mexico

I realize I haven’t much updated any of this for a very long time–I have been outlandishly busy trying to keep up with everything surrounding the new book and the photo opening in LA. But there are a couple book talks recently booked for November, at the Bone Room in Berkeley and Stranger Factory in Albuquerque. Fliers below. bone room
stranger factory
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Info on Northern CA book events for Heavenly Bodies

There will be four signings and talks for Heavenly Bodies. The first will be a lecture at the Stinson Beach public library in Marin County on October 14, then on the 15th there will be a talk and signing at Northtown Books in Arcata (Humboldt County), followed by a short talk and signing at Loved to Death in San Francisco on the 16th, and finally a lecture at West Valley College in Saratoga on the 17th (sponsored by the school’s Art Department). The flier for the SF event is below. Fliers for the other events can be found in the previous post listing book events in the USA and UK. Note that there will be free photo prints given to anyone buying a book at the event at Loved to Death.

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First reviews of Heavenly Bodies

The first press on the new book is beginning to trickle in. I will of course eventually put it on the press page, but it will there get swamped and unnoticed among all the links already there. But for anyone who is interested, here are the first two notices (linked), from Gothic Beauty, the Telegraph in the UK, and something strangely, surprisingly, from some Hungarian magazine.
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Fall Book events (for Heavenly Bodies) and foreign translations . . .

The book Empire of Death will be appearing in 2014 in both German and Spanish language editions, so more information will presumably follow on availability and publication dates. Meanwhile, the book Heavenly Bodies is soon to be released (in both English and French), and in fact there is already some early press on it–this from the Telegraph, for those who want more information on it:
There are several book events scheduled for it–talks, book signings, and photo shows. Most of the information can be found in the fliers below, but there are also a couple others in the USA pending, and I will post information for them eventually (this will include a brief presentation with slideshow as part of the Death Salon in LA–information on that event can be found at its own website, For now, though, here are fliers with information I have for the events in London, Sheffield, New York, Arcata (Humboldt), San Francisco, Ojai, San Diego, Glendale, and Los Angeles. Note that there will be free 5 x 7 photo prints given away to anyone who purchases a copy of the book in London, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

london talk

sheffield lecture flier






west valley



palm springs


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Updates on new book, lectures, and various other overdue topics

I haven’t updated these posts for several centuries, or perhaps since the Neolithic era. The new book, Heavenly Bodies has already arrived in limited quantities, but it won’t be available to the public until the Fall. It was be in both French and English editions, and while I have no idea what the French publisher’s schedule is, the English-language edition will be available first in the UK in September. I am doing a talk at Viktor Wynd’s in London on September 16, and the book will be available there for the first time. I am doing a talk the next day at Sheffield University, and the day after at the Ashmolean Museum. I will be doing a talk in New York at the Morbid Anatomy Library on October 11, that is the first time the book will be available in the USA. The next week I will be doing at talk in Arcata, CA (15th), a book signing at Loved to Death in San Francisco (16th), and a talk at West Valley College (near San Jose) (17th), then coming back to Los Angeles to do a brief talk at an event called the Death Salon (night of the 18th). I will then be doing a talk at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego on Oct. 26, the Palm Springs, CA, library on the 29th, and the Glendale, CA, library on the 30th. The end result of all this will be a full gallery photo show of images from the new book at La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles on Nov. 1, with a book signing. There will be a couple other talks added in, waiting to confirm dates, etc. In theory, I will at some point in the future be updating this website with very specific information and links to all of these events (of course when it comes to updating this website, theory and reality have not always meshed, but I will try harder this time). Oh, for those interested in burial caves, my travelogue with photos of burial caves on the island of Luzon in the Philippines is in this month’s issue of Rue Morgue magazine.
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