Ship Cat, Psychic Dog lectures in California

A spate of lectures on ship cats and psychic dogs coming up. This will be updated over time. Feb. 4, LAST Bookstore, Downtown LA, see
Feb. 25, San Diego (this will be a ship cat lecture)
Feb. 27, Alameda, SF Bay, on the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, see
March 6, Joshua Tree (this will be a psychic dog lecture)
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Psychic dogs lecture and slideshow in LA

For any canine folks (meaning people who are interested in dogs rather than actual dog people, or cynocephali as they were once known, although those are welcome also), I am doing a lecture about psychic dogs on Wednesday, Dec. 30 in LA. Details at this link:
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Ma’nene: Indonesian mummy festival photos

I was privileged to go to Sulawesi to photograph the Ma’nene festival at which the dead are brought from their tombs, cleaned, and re-dressed. Since I am not working on another book at the moment, I am not real sure what to do with the material or how much will see the light of day. I am going to do a couple articles, but of course I very rarely update this site with that kind of information. So to at least pass on some of the photos, here is a batch currently posted on Viralnova.

There are also some photos, as well as some from Torajan Burial Caves, on the Facebook page, here and here
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Ship Cat Lecture: The history of nautical felines. Catland Books, Brooklyn.

Since I will be on the East Coast to do the talk at the Mutter. I figured I might as well finally do something to actually benefit society for once: a lecture about the history of ship cats. Yes, nautical felines. There is quite a lengthy and surprising history when it comes to cats on boats. Some traveled the world and earned fame for themselves, so were outright heroes, others faced adversity and even tragedy, and still more were weirdos. This talk will be at Catland Books in Brooklyn. Information can be found at this Facebook page.
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Coming to the Bram Stoker Film Festival in October

I will be back in the UK appearing at the Bram Stoker Film Festival in October. More details will be forthcoming, but for now, the general website for the festival is

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Talks, book events/signings in the UK: London and Whitby

I will be doing only two book events in the UK, in London and Whitby. Information can be found on the Facebook page:
In addition, if anyone in the UK can’t come to the talks but wants to a copy of the book (or books, I suppose, as this might include either of the first two in addition to Memento Mori, Treadwell’s (the shop hosting the talk in London) says they can handle requests. They can be contacted at

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Talks in the Midwest

Depending on whether or not Denver counts, I have not previously done talks in the Midwest. Until now . . . so if anyone is interested, I have a talk and book signing in Milwaukee on Friday, May 1, 6 pm, at Walker’s Point Center for the Arts (839 S 5th St, Milwaukee, WI 53204), Chicago on Sunday, May 3, 7 pm at Sideshow Gallery (2219 N. Western, Chicago, 60647), and Cleveland on Tuesday, May 5, at 7 pm at Mac’s Backs Books (1820 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118).

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Talks in Las Vegas and New York

Fliers for a couple of the talks upcoming, Las Vegas and Brooklyn.
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Memento Mori: A Love Story at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn

Do you like death? Because death likes you, and not in a bad or creepy way. Author, photographer, and death expert Dr. Paul Koudounaris has traveled the world for the past decade, studying the way different cultures preserve the link between the living and the dead. In the process he has produced a pair of visually stunning, award winning books (The Empire of Death and Heavenly Bodies). His recently released third book, Memento Mori, was recently named a top ten new art and photo book by American Photo and listed by Interview Magazine as their choice of coffee table books of the month for April. And he will discuss the new book complete with a stunning slideshow of macabre yet beautiful images taken in over 60 countries. It turns out it’s not actually not all that creepy to cuddle with mummies. Find out how and why in a lecture that’s a can’t miss event for fans of the weird and esoteric.

Memento Mori: A Love Story
Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424A 3rd Ave
Brooklyn NY 11215
(347) 799-1017
May 9 8:00pm

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Memento Mori one of the ten best new photo books of the year, Maxim Russia, and an LA talk with musical accompaniment

Happy and more than a little surprised to see that Memento Mori is on American Photo’s roundup of the ten best new photography books. Well, it’s a lovely book, I swear it is, I guess I just found it surprising because a lot of mainstream photo publications seem turned off by overly macabre subject matter. Anyway . . . here lies a link.

Five-page color spread in Maxim Russia. That’s even more surprising. April issue, cover picture of a blond woman with large breasts. Which no doubt differentiates it from all other issues of Maxim Russia.

And . . . in addition to the gallery opening and signing at La Luz de Jesus, there will be one other book event in LA. On April 29, I will be doing a talk and slideshow with some very talented people, one of them also being very demented, who will be going by the name Words and creating a kind of chamber music soundscape. At the Last Bookstore, 453 S. Spring, Downtown.

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