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Some of these images relate to sites and phenomena mentioned in the book, but in some cases they are mentioned only ephemerally or not at all. Those interested in further information on the Fiesta de las Ñatitas in particular might consult the article I wrote for the Fortean Times:

All photographs by and copyright Paul Koudounaris unless otherwise noted—photographs not by me are not watermarked.

Note regarding images and their use: ideally I would make original copies of these images available for public use. Honestly, I would be delighted if I could make them accessible so interested parties could use and enjoy them. But I cannot—and there are more than simply copyright and publishing issues involved. In many cases, I have made certain arrangements regarding the use of images with the institutions which gave me access, and providing them for download might violate those arrangements. Anyone who is interested in obtaining copies of certain images, either from this website or in the book, as prints or for other uses, should contact me for their availability.
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