May: Talks in Germany, Holland, and California

Again, I am far too lax in keeping up this site. But for those of such an inclination, there are talks upcoming in Germany, Holland, and California. May 12 in Los Angeles, Psychic Dogs:
May 13, Los Angeles (Glendale), Forest Lawn Cemetery: this will be possibly fascinating but it’s also complicated because the cemetery asked us to take down all event pages. Sooooooo . . . if you’re interested (I’m doing a talk and there is a cemetery tour) you must contact Bearded Lady vintage/oddities in Burbank, CA, to inquire, since they are handling all details.
May 16, Munich (see flier below): there are two talks actually, one during the day for students, and the one listed on the flier which is open to the public.
May 19, Amsterdam, Demonically-Possessed Cats:
May 20, Enschede, NL:
When I return, at the end of May, there will also be a talk at UCLA and one in Portland, Oregon. Details upcoming.
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