Great AMERICAN Cats–Lecture and Slideshow, Los Angeles, Sept. 29.

Damn right it’s time for an all American cat lecture. Sept. 29, HM157 in Los Angeles.

The Great American Cat Lecture! In 1776, it wasn’t just a bunch of human colonists declaring independence from European domination, no sirree. American felines also cut the ties with Old World tyranny. New American breeds were in the works, and native cats would travel westward and leave their (claw) mark on frontier life. By the first decade of the twentieth century the USA had given the world its first celebrity cat, as well as the only cat ever known to have worn prescription glasses. Our boys in fur would go on to win medals serving for the navy in World War II, and in the 1950s American cats even had their own national award of merit. So wave a flag and shed a tear as historian Dr. Paul Koudounaris relives the triumphs of the American feline in this special lecture and slideshow!
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