Talk at Traveler’s Bookcase in West LA, March 13

In a talk that should be something like “Around the World in 80 Days in Bones,” macabre art history expert and photographer Dr. Paul Koudounaris will give a visual presentation on the world’s most eerie travel destinations, all of which he photographed for his books The Empire of Death and Heavenly Bodies. Bone-filled rooms, painted skulls, leering mummies in seventeenth-century ball gowns, and jewel-encrusted skeletons will all be on the itinerary, allowing a whirlwind tour of these sometimes terrifying and always fascinating masterpieces, without the rank odor of a tomb.

The talk is free, at the Traveler’s Bookcase, 8375 W. 3rd St., LA, Thursday, March 13, 7 pm.
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