Further photo shows, talks, George Noory–London, Manchester, Sweden, Helsinki, Amsterdam

OK, it has become quite clear that I cannot be trusted to update my own website in any substantive way. Heavenly Bodies came out last fall and received a tremendous amount of truly amazing press, a fantastic response–and none of this have I managed to load onto this website. The book also made a couple top ten lists–didn’t get anything about those on the website either. Someday, someday, someday it will all get done. But in the meantime, I will be doing photo shows and talks in the UK, Sweden, Finland, and Holland. I will be doing a talk on Sicilian Sex Ghosts (I have an article in the current Fortean Times about that topic, I guess I didn’t get that on the website yet either) on March 24 at Black’s in London, flier below. Will also be doing talks and a photo show in Manchester later that week at Encountering Corpses at MMU, see http://www.hssr.mmu.ac.uk/hip/encountering-corpses/ and then I will be back in London on April 12 to do a talk at Death Salon UK . In between, I will be doing a talk at the Tot Zover Museum in Amsterdam (March 30, will put up a flier soon), a few in Sweden, including the wonderful event below (see flier–which will include music and artists exhibiting things made of bone), and a talk in Helsinki on April 6 (flier will be put up soon). Also, I did some TV work with George Noory, there are a couple links for clips at the bottom of this post. George Noory is an amazing guy.


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