Oct. 30-Nov.2: Firedoglake Book Salon, “Twitterview,” plus events in Phoenix and San Diego

I will be trying to type as fast as possible while fielding questions via the online Firedoglake Book Salon on October 30, from 2 to 4 pm Pacific Standard Time.

On October 31 I will be doing something I don’t understand at all–I will be fielding questions via Twitter. This will be from 10:30 to 11:30, again PST. Full disclosure–while I am more than happy to do this, and I encourage anyone out there who wants to participate to ask whatever questions they like, I have never had a Twitter account, nor have I ever wanted one. An account was set up under my name via the London office of Thames and Hudson, and while I *think* I understand what we will be doing, I cannot be sure, so there this could be something of a fiasco. But I will try my best. I to say “we’ll be using the twitter hashtag #empireofdeath”–I am sure that means something to people who understand Twitter.

On November 1, I will be doing a talk in Phoenix and showing some photos at Galeria de los Muertos:

On November 2, I will be doing a lecture in San Diego for Dia de los Muertos:
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