Fall Book Singings, Talks, Photo Shows . . .

The following information will be updated and links added when they are available, and I have no doubt that much of what I listed will be added to, changed, scrapped, spindled and mutilated over time, but . . . here is a list of the various events scheduled for the release of the book the Empire of Death. I live in Los Angeles, which is probably evident from the number of LA area events, but am certainly willing to travel if, so if by some happenstance anyone out there reading this has suggestions for adding to this list I would be very happy to receive them (you can email me at this site, info@empiredelamort.com).

Sept. 24: Book signing and photo exhibit at La Luz de Jesus, 7-10pm (4633 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles–this is the first time this book will be available for purchase)

Sept. 25: Lecture at LAVA (Los Angeles Visionaries Assn.) at Clifton’s 12-2pm (648 S. Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles):

Oct. 8: Book Signing and photos at the opening of the Dia de los Muertos at the Folk Tree (217 S. Fair Oaks, Pasadena, CA)

Oct. 10-31: Photo exhibit at Sancho Gallery (1549 W. Sunset, Echo Park, Los Angeles)

Oct. 13: Talk and book signing at the Observatory (Brooklyn, New York)

JUST ADDED>> Oct. 15: Talk and book signing at Maple St. Books, New Orleans:

Oct. 20: Two in San Francisco: Talk and books at Paxton Gate at 6:30, and during the evening lecture and books at Trickster Salon (San Francisco, details to be updated)

Oct. 23: Author talk and book signing at Dog Eared Books (San Francisco, details to be updated)

Oct. 27: Author talk at the Brand Library (Glendale, CA)

Oct. 30: Online–2pm PST (5pm EST), Fire Dog Lake Book Salon

Nov. 2: Talk and book signing at San Diego Dia de los Muertos, 2pm at The Adobe Chapel, 3963 Conde Street in Old Town San Diego.
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